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Today is  Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Professional Bowlers Association. (PBA)

The Professional Bowlers Association was established in 1958 by founder Eddie Elias. When the PBA was founded, there were only 33 members. Today, that number has grown to almost 3500. Additionally, there are 700 members on the PBAs senior tour.

The PBA was formed to promote the status of the qualified bowler to the rank of professional and to promote bowling to the status of a major sport. Additionally, it was formed to promote the sport of bowling and to allow the bowler to gain employment through bowling. Additionally the PBA provides its members a retirement plan, life insurance, a benevolent fund for the relief of deserving members to institute welfare and retirement and pension programs.

To gain membership into the PBA, a prospective applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a male (females have similiar guidelines for the LPBA) who has received their high school diploma or are over the age of eighteen residing any place in the world who can qualify under the terms outlined by the PBA.

  • Obtain a PBA membership application form which must be filled out by the applicant and endorsed by the Regional PBA Representative OR obtain the endorsements of three PBA members in good standing AND the Regional Director. In lieu of the Regional Representative or three members, the applicant may have the Regional Director sign the application. If it is geographically impossible to obtain any of the above, or in cases of extreme emergencies, the Commissioner has the right to endorse the application.

  • All applications must be accompanied by letters of character reference from three reputable individuals in the community.

  • A 8" x 10" black and white photo.

  • Certified copy of a birth certificate or other proof of age deemed acceptable by the Commissioner.

  • Must have 190 average or higher in a league of reasonable repute for the last two consecutive complete seasons (a minimum of 66 games per season), which must be verified by the local ABC secretary (NOT league secretary).

  • All supporting documentation is mailed to the Regional Director, accompanied by the initiation fee of $150.

  • If the application is accepted for membership, the new member MUST attend PBA members school within one year ($150 non refundable registration fee required).

Once the application is received, the Regional Director will review the application for completeness and accuracy and forward the applicaton and initiation fee to the Commissioner who in turn will mail a synopsis of the applicant to all Executive Board members and the Regional representatives.

The Executive Board members will vote "YES", "NO" or "Don't Know" on the applications and mail the response to the Commissioner. If the tabulated votes show three or more negative votes, the applicant will be rejected and the commissioner will notify the applicant.


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